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Kerri Doherty is a Los Angeles-based comedy writer/performer. She's most well known for her awkward celebrity interview web series GEEKING OUT, which has amassed over 1 million views and was hailed by Policy Mic alongside Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee as one of four "web series that are changing comedy." Kerri also co-hosts a monthly stage version of GEEKING OUT, where she and other comedians (and sometimes 90's TV heartthrobs) nerd out about their favorite things to a live audience. She has written for Adult Swim's blog and The Huffington Post, and has both written and performed on MTV, HGTV and, where she wrote and co-hosted a daily TV Recaps show with her best friend Dave. Kerri currently co-hosts a podcast dedicated to every episode of The Golden Girls called "Out on the Lanai," and is thinking of joining a roller derby league so she can change her name to "Diablo Grody."