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Kerri Doherty is a NYC-based comedy writer/actor/storyteller.

Originally from Carver, Massachusetts, home to lots of cranberry bogs and a Renaissance Faire, Kerri spent her high school years performing in high school plays and interning at Carver Community Access Television, where she created really bad sketches for the school’s morning show that she thought were good at the time but were really bad.

Upon graduating, she moved to Savannah, Georgia and spent the next four years working toward a BFA in film & television from The Savannah College of Art and Design (GO BEES.) 

Since moving to NYC, Kerri has sold comedy tickets on the streets of Times Square, worked as a PA for Michel Gondry, written for Adult Swim's blog and The Huffington Post, provided her voice for an anti-wedgie underwear web spot directed by Zach Braff, confessed her addiction to chapstick on a storytelling podcast, and hugged Tina Fey. All of those things were AMAZING.

Currently, she hosts a pop culture news show and celebrity interview series for Official Comedy called GEEKING OUT, and co-hosts a TV recaps show on with her best friend Dave. She hosts two live comedy and storytelling shows in Brooklyn: I LIKE YOU, MAUDE and GEEKING OUT: THE LIVE SHOW. She’s currently working on cleaning out her refrigerator.